28 January 2009

Sophie Delezio's school, Balgowlah Heights Public School on Lewis St, finally has school zone flashing lights.

Four sets of lights have been installed by Peter Olsen, the man who installed flashing lights at several schools in Peakhurst and Lugarno in 2006.

"Last December I met with the new Roads Minister, Michael Daley, and Ron Delezio in Peakhurst to show them my lights," Mr Olsen said.

"I suggested that all schools should have flashing lights, something that Ron Delezio is also keen to see. The Minister disagreed however and claimed that if all schools had flashing lights drivers could become "desensitized". He is content with lights being installed at just 4% of school zones over four years at a cost of $116,000 per school zone.

"The government clearly has no interest in protecting children at all schools. They seem more interested in protecting the revenue they collect from unsuspecting drivers who fail to realise what time it is.

"I have therefore decided to start my own roll-out of flashing lights, commencing with Sophie's school," Mr Olsen said. "They will be available to all schools in NSW that want them as outlined at There will be no cost to the schools or the taxpayer as they will be funded via sponsorship from local businesses. They cost under $1,000 per sign vs $58,000 for the RTA's lights.

"The signs are installed on private property adjacent to the 40kmh school zone signs so the RTA cannot touch them. If they object to them on the basis that they are unauthorised traffic signs they will first have to remove the tens of thousands of Council-issued signs on private property that read "Slow Down in My Street". If they object to the flashing lights they will also have to ban all flashing Christmas lights and the numerous flashing lights and neon signs outside shops and businesses.

"The signs have two flashing lights each side of the words "Check Speed". They deliberately do not say "School Zone" so that if they happen to malfunction there are no implications. The lights themselves are fully approved by the RTA for use in traffic management.

"The lights will go a long way towards improving road safety around schools and will also help to ensure that responsible drivers are not unfairly penalised.

"I wish to sincerely thank the four home owners near Sophie's school who made the installations possible."

For more information contact:
Peter Olsen
13/55 The Grand Pde
Brighton-le-Sands 2216