School Zone Flashing Lights
Homeowner Information

Because of the Government's apathy over safety around schools, privately funded school zone flashing lights are now being rolled out. The lights are installed on private property close to the 40kmh signs, which naturally requires homeowner approval.

By agreeing to host flashing lights on your property your will be helping to protect the lives of local school children and helping responsible drivers avoid unfair revenue-driven fines.

Where do the lights get installed?

The lights are installed on a post in an unobtrusive location somewhere near the 40kmh sign.

How are they powered?

They are powered from a 12V transformer that plugs into a powerpoint in your house. A computer controller automatically turns the lights on and off and handles school holidays etc.

What will it cost me?

Total electricity cost to run the lights is less than $2 per year. See separate cost calculation.

Why not run them from solar power?

The lights can be run from mains power for 1000 years for the cost of installing solar power!

Are the signs legal?

Yes, otherwise Brydens Law Group would not have agreed to fund 21 of them. Rotary also sponsored many of the signs, after their solicitor gave them the all clear. The signs simply say "Check Speed" which is no different from Council-issued garbage bin stickers that say "Slow Down in my Street". See also separate Legal Issues document.

Why not install the lights on the 40km/h signs?

That is where they should be installed but the RTA will not allow them. The first 8 sets of lights were installed on 40km/h signs in Peakhurst and Lugarno in 2006 but the RTA tore them down again. They prefer to spend up to $180,000 per school zone installing flashing lights rather than spending around $1,500 per sign installing lights such as these. The RTA has even been given the technology to use for nothing.

How long will the sign be there?

The hope is that the appearance of flashing lights on private property at many schools will convince the Government that the community is concerned about child safety and that they will expand the installation program. If RTA lights are installed then the private signs will be removed.

The State Opposition supports the accelerated rollout of flashing lights as per a media release issued by the Shadow Minister for Roads, Andrew Stoner, on 28 January 2009.

Can I ask for the sign to be removed?

If at any time you decide that you no longer want the sign on your property it will be removed.

How do I obtain more information?

Email or ring Peter Olsen on 9599-1811 or 0414-538-404.