School Zone Anomalies

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3. 40km/h in One Direction Only

Hamilton Rd Fairfield West must surely represent the ultimate in school zone stupidity.

There are two schools on Hamilton Rd a short distance apart, Fairfield West Primary and Westfield Sports High. Hamilton Rd is a normal undivided road. (Click "Previous" link above for map.)

There is a 75m long section of Hamilton Rd between the two schools, at the intersection with Tasman Pde / Corona Rd, that during school zone hours is 40km/h in one direction but 60km/h in the other direction. Tasman Pde and Corona Rd are both 40km/h. Unbelievably the 60km/h section is on the same side of the road as the two schools.

A child could easily believe it is 40km/h in all directions and be hit as a result of a car speeding up in that short 60km/h stretch. It is right at a set of traffic lights which encourages motorists to speed up to beat the lights anyway.

Hamilton Rd Eastbound showing 60km/h Section

Same road, opposite direction, 40km/h all the way